Dennis distinguishes by using exclusive, one-off materials and standout features that radiate a global atmosphere. Always infused with the personal taste and preferences of his clients. And based on the specific charms and ‘needs’ of the property. New and monumental, spacious and small, from scratch or as an ultimate finishing touch. In order to find the perfect blend, a lot of searching, testing and combining needs to be done. Not to worry, Dennis will take care of all that.


Dennis started working as an interior architect years ago. He successfully graduated at Artemis Academy and Willem de Kooning Academy (Rotterdam), where he learnt to communicate via both images and spaces. Meanwhile, he has over 20 years of experience in interior design and decoration on large projects.

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Whatever the purpose of a space is; Dennis will create the ultimate place to be for the ones who call it their home, office or getaway. Tailor-made and together with his clients. With a design that lasts.

    • Dennis carefully looks into the potentials of a building or space and then
      let it interact with a personal design.
    • Dennis distinguishes with an eclectic, elegant design and residential feel.Creatively mixing and matching different luxurious styles and methods.
    • Dennis has a sharp eye for details and an excellent finish. Each project getsits own unique character and personality.
    • Dennis will make sure his design fits into your comfortable boundaries.And at some point, he will add a special nugget or quip to your project.That one thing people will remember forever.
    • Dennis always mingles innovative and common elements with recycled and/or reused materials to point out a buildings characteristics

All stages in every project are managed by Dennis. He is your personal contact from day one, until your interior dreams are fulfilled.


It was not completely unexpected that Dennis started working as an interior architect. To create is what his childhood dreams were made of. Ever since he was little Dennis had a big love for swopping furniture, wall colours and decoration.

During his career as an interior architect, he took care of various residential projects, offices, stores, hotels and restaurants. He lives in the booming heart of Rotterdam, in the enchanting Veerhavenkwartier. There he is the proud possessor of a 19th century coach-house, which Dennis converted into an inspirational, elegant home. It turned out to be a sublimely perfect showroom too.


'My strength as an interior architect is that I redevelop buildings or spaces in a creative and inspiring way, while personally taking care of every step in the process. I guide my clients to develop their own taste and style… as a design only comes to life when it flawlessly fits their personalities. It is my purpose to make sustainable designs, exciting but with timeless charm. They shouldn’t bore or be exchanged because a trend has passed.'


A blue dégradé kitchen wall, thirteen antique façades or a special paint from Libanon with divine effects. Those are the unique features that completely define Dennis signature. They only need to be found… Luckily, Dennis has an endless love for rare materials, objects, special furniture and curiosities. Gathered for instance at flea markets, vintages boutiques and auctions.

Bumped into this precious table in a Paris fashion atelier…and finished its top with a fine natural stone.
Completely blown away by this special bull, a work of Chris Tap. The nearly black wall in the back is coated with hand-crafted paint effects.


Lot Nijhof, residential project

‘Dennis kind-of saved our dream house. He came up with just the perfect ideas and additions that we immediately fell in love with. We had some ideas ourselves and Dennis was totally up for those too, so in that way he helped us defining our own taste. He managed to organize everything very quickly as a baby was on its way and time was ticking! He never gave us the feeling that we were too demanding or unrealistic (I am pretty sure we were unrealistic by the way, sorry for that :). After a year we still think our home is way too fabulous and we couldn’t be happier with the result. And what we loved above all: Dennis is VERY fun to work with. He just ticks many, many boxes in terms of interior architecture and being a real partner in crime.’

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